Fingerface: Best Screenplay winner at the Sydney Indie Film Festival

It's the story of an ordinary guy who meets his dream girl and after being nominated for Best Editing and Best Screenplay, Fingerface managed to do something out of the ordinary and collect the Best Screenplay award at the Sydney Indie Film Festival. 'I'd like to thank...'

Fingerface, an Official Selection at the 2015 Sydney Indie Film Festival

We're proud to say that Fingerface is going down under. Our feature-length romantic comedy set in exotic locations around the world and starring some of the finest fingers working in film will be showing at the Sydney Indie Film Festival on Saturday 24 October at 4pm. 

You can buy tickets at Eventbrite.  

Don't miss it! 

Or miss it and watch it later when it comes out on DVD. 

The choice is yours.

But films are always better in the cinema, aren't they?

Also showing at the festival are some other great indie flicks. So it's well worth checking out the Sydney Indie Film Festival page to see what else is playing. 

Fingerface, premiering at the Hamilton Comedy Film Festival

Fingerface is a feature-length romantic comedy, more comedy than romance, about an ordinary guy who falls in love with his dream girl and then meets her in real life. Small in budget but big on ambition, the film is set in exotic locations around the world and features some of the finest and most convincing pirates, estate agents, cult leaders, convicts and guitar pickers ever caught on film. And now we're proud to say that Fingerface will be premiering at the Hamilton Comedy Film Festival in Canada on the 3rd of October 2015. The venue looks amazing and we hope the festival will be a roaring (with laughter) success. 

Lights! Camera! Fingers! Introducing the Fingerface trailer

Fingerface teaser


After losing his job, Giles does the only logical thing. He gets very, very drunk. And in the haze of the bar he sees a girl. Not just any girl. Giles is sure that she's the girl of his dream from the night before. Her name is Stephanie and it turns out that she's a lot harder to impress in real life than in dreamland.

To win Stephanie's heart Giles has to travel the world, turn his back on his friends and give up his other dreams. But is she worth it? And is Giles really in love, or is it just good, old-fashioned lust? 

Find out the answer to these and other pressing questions by watching Fingerface. It's a feature-length film and it's coming soon (fingers crossed).

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